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Abdullah Al-Smadi / Director & Founder, attorney at law.

Established the office in 2000, with a team consisting of highly-qualified attorneys and legal advisers supported by some of professional supporting staff and staff who provide logistics and support services for the work and this office was established since 2000. Through working in the field of legal representation and consultations, dealing with official and unofficial entities, organizations, institutions and embassies, and as a representative and advisor to many international chanceries including embassy of the United Arab Emirates / Amman. We are keen to provide all legal services before all courts and arbitration. We provide legal and logistical services ,studies and consultations to official and private entities , both inside and outside Jordan. Experts in Providing business services for individuals and companies willing to enter the Jordanian market before all ministries and concerned entities in this regard. Including but not limited to, registration of companies, trademarks, labor and non-labor matters, Social Security, Income Tax and sales, as well as the necessary approvals to conduct any business activity within the territory. We have partnered with the Al-Muhamoon Al-Mutahidoon for Legal Consulting, Advocacy & Accounting management located in the state of Iraq – Baghdad and cover the provision of all legal, administrative and financial services and the provision economic feasibility studies through this branch. We have developed good relations with many businessmen, companies and entities in Turkey, where Mr. Alsmadi is a permanent resident. With strong relations and reputation with the Jordanian official sector in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for providing the best services to companies and/or individuals in all regions of the kingdom. We look forward to working with official and private entities , study centers and/or others within the region, as well as providing all legal and administrative services to companies and individuals operating within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and/or within the state of Iraq. This is in accordance with the highest legal and administrative regulations.