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Abdullah Al Smadi

Managing & Founding Partner Abdullah established the firm in 2000, with a team consisting of highly-qualified attorneys and legal advisers supported by a team of paralegal and researchers. As well as on ground logistics and support team. With over 23 years as a practicing attorney, Abdullah has experience dealing with o4cial and uno4cial entities. Abdullah is also a representative and advisor to many international chanceries including the Emirati embassy in Amman and the Czech Chambers of commerce. Abdullah is able to represent clients in front of all Jordanian courts and at arbitration. Abdullah also provides legal and logistical services ,studies and consultations to all entities both inside and outside Jordan. Abdullah is an expert in servicing businesses interested in entering the Jordanian market and registering their corporation with all relevant ministries and concerned entities in this regard. Including but not limited to, registration of companies, trademarks, labor and non-labor matters, Social Security, Income Tax and sales, as well as the necessary approvals to conduct any business activity within the territory. Abdullah has partnered with the Al-Muhamoon Al-Mutahidoon for Legal Consulting, Advocacy & Accounting management located in the state of Iraq –Baghdad and cover the provision of all legal, administrative and $nancial services and the provision economic feasibility studies through this branch. He has also developed good relations with many businessmen, companies and entities in Turkey and was able to liaise their entry into the Jordanian market. With an impeccable reputation in Jordan and strong connections witho4cials in the ministry of trade he was able to do so with ease. Abdullah also has a large experience in obtaining residencies for foreign businessmen obtaining over 7000 residencies since the establishment of his firm. He also specialises in dealing with banks and tax authorities and is able to open offshore accounts for his clients. In addition to that, he is very knowledgable in debt collection and has a 90% success rate in debt collection.

Farah Al-Hourani

Chief Operating Officer A highly qualified , skilled administrator with extensive experience in the field of office management, administrative work and team management. Farah holds a BA in German and English from the University of Jordan, and is fluent in German and English. Farah has a tactful personality, high communication skills, quick response and oral and writing communication skills , mastering time management and task management skills, always striving to achieve the best desired goals and works well under pressure. Farah follows up the daily business administration of the firm, and manages incoming and outgoing e-mails, organizes files and documents, handles all communication between the firm and its clients as well as coordinating tasks with our lawyers. Farah also follows up and reviews the daily reports submitted by teams, organize appointments and meetings, and summarize all reports by the different teams. Farah is an expert in computer skills and is a professional using MS office and the Ministry of Justice online database.

Heba AL-Nasrallah

Senior Consultant Heba holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from the University of Jordan in 2010. She specializes in cases of financial claims, civil and commercial cases and administrative cases of all kinds and subjects, pleading before all courts and following them up to the last degree of litigation. She worked as a legal advisor to local companies specializing in the field of renewable energy, housing and construction. She has a vast experience in providing legal advice and preparing and drafting contracts and agreements. Her motto is efficiency, credibility and professionalism is key to success.

Siwar Al-Majali

Senior Associate Siwar is a lawyer and legal advisor specializing in civil cases, financial claims and criminal cases of all kinds, pleading them up to the latest levels of litigation. Siwar is also an expert in registering and following up all judicial procedures in all courts and at the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Siwar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Jordan..

Layan AL-Khateeb

Senior Consultant Layan holds a Bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Jordan and a master’s degree in law from the University of Al-Isra. She has experience in providing legal advice on various topics and in registering civil and criminal lawsuits and pleading them before all courts and following them up to the last degrees of litigation and execution. She is also experienced in the registration of executive cases related to bonds (promissory notes, checks and mortgage bonds), written declarations and lease contracts, and in the registration and follow-up of all procedures and matters related to individual institutions and companies of all kinds, trade names and trademarks in the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Batoul Shkara

Junior Associate Batool is a practicing Lawyer in the Republic of Iraq, and a Bachelor of Law graduate from the College of Law, University of Al-Petra. Batool is interested in following up issues of financial and commercial transactions, cases of money smuggling, money laundering,especially those working in Iraq. She is also interested in following up the latest developments in electronic crimes. Batool also coordinates the legal matters of the clients and businessmen and companies in the Iraqi and Jordanian courts..

Ibrahim Al Rifai

Trainee Lawyer A highly ambitious fresh grad from Durham University law school, graduating with honours in 2022. Prior to that Ibrahim completed his high school education in the British International School of Cairo completing a BTEC diploma in business management and graduating with a Distinction in 2019. Ibrahim has trained at two major law firms in Cairo, specialising in mergers and acquisitions. Ibrahim completed his dissertation research in M&As, while at Durham University achieving a first-class honour. He also has a background in setting up companies and registering them with the relevant ministries, as well as liquidating companies and registering trade marks. In addition to that Ibrahim is able to provide legal advice and explain in detail our client’s legal standing and advise on next steps. Ibrahim is also highly skilled in drafting and reviewing contracts both in English and Arabic. Lawyer and legal advisor specialized in civil cases, financial claims and criminal cases of all kinds, pleading them up to the latest levels of litigation, and in registering and following up all judicial procedures in all courts and at the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Tareq Al Smadi

Trainee Lawyer Tareq Al Smadi / Trainee LawyerA trainee lawyer since September 2022, he obtained a law degree from Yarmouk University in 2020. He trained in two law !rms that enabled him to develop his legal skills. He has the ability to follow up on execusive cases, and is pro!cient in pleading before the Magistrate Courts and Courts of First Instance. He is distinguished by his ability to review courts and government institusions, and always seeks to seize opportunities to learn more and gain new experiences

Our Mission: To provide an excellent and distinctive service to the highest standard, guaranteeing to meet all your legal requirements locally and internationally.

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